First Post

Finally got around to building a new website. I have been procrastinating with doing this over and over again but managed to complete it. I used to have two sites at this address. One a small portfolio site that I never manged to finish outside of the gallery and a anime inspired blog that I HEAVILY altered a vbulletin script to make.

The environment of website building has really changed since then. I remember going from the time where almost all sites used frames, which a few of my first few sites used as well. To an overabundance of graphics added to sites when everyone started getting broadband. It then moved to minimalist slimmed down sites and the emergence of RSS. I never really cared to use RSS myself so I didn’t design sites for it which came back to bite me. I just don’t like to look at the contents of a site in a boring text format instead of the way it was originally designed to look on the website.

With this new site I discovered that the new thing to keep in mind when designing was IOS devices. One would think unless specially coded in a special way sites would just retain their size and dimensions on a mobile device. Instead I had to alter most pages so that they wouldn’t break or look awkward. Even with this directing the design I really like the final result.

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