portraitMy name is Kyon Charles. I am a freelance illustrator, artist, and designer who specializes in combining aspects of paint and digital art to create an organic collage of art pieces. While I also enjoy creating traditional artwork, my style is more abstract emphasizing mood and atmosphere.

I live in New York City and graduated from Pratt Institute with a degree in illustration and a minor in graphic design.

Apart from attending various art related schools, I have always occupied myself in one or another type of artistic field, from 3D computer modeling and skinning, to hand-painted and airbrushed models, to designing and creating various websites.

Above everything I am passionate and sensitive about what I do. I will always do whatever is necessary to get the job to ensure my client’s satisfaction.

Contact me at kyoncharles@gmail.com. Follow me on Facebook at facebook.com/kyoncharles and Twitter at twitter.com/kyoncharles, or contact me using the contact page.